Tammy in Beijing

Tammy in Beijing. Here Tammy is shown
“representing” at the Great Wall of China.

I have practiced martial arts for approximately 9 years, Kung Fu being 2 of them. Although I do appreciate my previous training, I honestly feel that since joining the Plum Blossom Family, I’ve learnt and done much more.

During my research, I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on many martial arts classes and see what they can offer. Each had great attributes and qualifications which I found interesting. After contacting Tai Simo Peggy, she not only answered all of my questions and concerns but also allowed me to participate in a class. I was immediately hooked.

It has now been 2 years and I have neither regretted my decision, nor have I looked back. This was the atmosphere I was looking for: very knowledgeable teachers, safe and courteous training environment, and many, many opportunities. Even on days when I’m tired, I find myself looking forward coming to class, and end up learning something new and getting a good workout, leaving me feeling completely energized.

After many years, I have finally found something that works… for me. Tai Sifu Neil and Tai Simo Peggy have instilled a confidence in which I can display in demonstrations, tournaments and in real life. They have helped me to push myself in overcoming mental and physical barriers, and to always strive for the best. I cherish the friendships I have made, as well as the confidence and knowledge I have acquired. My hope is that I can give back to others and the school as to what they have given me.

Tammy B.


Iron Bridge

Dai Sijay Chantal on her path of Kung Fu training at age 9 with Tai Sifu Neil

My life has always been impacted by training martial arts with my mom (Tai Simo) and my stepfather (Tai Sifu). Since I was 7 years old, I have been in incredible shape and have really learned so much living amongst this Kung Fu Family, which includes all of our students!

This testimonial is not only to encourage others to find out how martial arts really impacts your physicaly and emotionally, but also to give an example of just how much it has been such a blessing to have this training and all of the lifelong skills and knowledge I have acquired.

Of course Martial arts has taught me how to defend myself from attackers, which unfortunately has happened to me on a few occasions, and it was because of these skills that I survived each one of these life-threatening events. Most importantly though, my scoliosis (which for those of you who are unaware of what this is, it’s a quite crooked spine!!) is why I have a deep appreciation for Kung Fu Training. I have the Moderate-Severe type – therefore, one side of my back is really rigid with built up and exaggerated muscle, and the other side of my back is extremely weak. This is something I have had to live with my whole life, and training Kung Fu has always kept my back and core strong enough to stand up straight and continue living normally without leaning over to one side all the time (literally!).

For the past 2 years, I took some time off Kung Fu training, and WOW!!! I have never felt so weak! I couldn’t even lie down in bed with my spouse’s arm over my side without feeling extremely uncomfortable / painful pressure. MY CORE MUSCLES were SOOO WEAK! Massive pain in my hips, lower back, upper back, headaches which would cause nausea, joint problems, the list continues. I knew that if I continued to stop training, this crooked spine of mine would only get worse, probably to the point where I would be walking hunched over to one side and in massive amounts of pain all the time!

I am now training again, and I am also seeing a new Chiropractor (but I still miss Neil very very much :) I also do light weight training, basically starting fresh, and my body seems to be getting stronger every day.

Training Martial Arts in particular is what “wows” me because it uses every muscle in your body in some way, and you don’t realize it until you walk away from training Kung Fu and then FEEL what it’s like to not have that full body strength anymore. I never knew what being “out of shape” felt like until that point in my life, and I can definitely appreciate how Martial Arts has always kept me strong and I thank my Kung Fu Parents for keeping me ” UP ” – literally!!!

Chantal ~ Business Owner
Martial Arts & Fitness
Southwestern Ontario

Dai SiJay Chantal

Dai SiJay Chantal at age 20
Strong, Flexible and “Upright”